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Mind Potion is a non-profit, private network of websites established in 2003 dealing with the human mind and the way it's thinking and perceptions effect our lives. We aim to offer an array of thought provoking media from around the world to challenge main stream thinking and to break free from societies psychological boundaries. We hope to promote independent and objective thinking of the many things science has yet to prove, disprove or is just covering up.

Our Mind
When we start exploring the true potential of our minds we cannot help but look at our existence beyond our physical being. We all know the basic mechanics of our bodies and how they function but nobody has ever come close to explaining on a scientific level how our mind works.
Like many others, we believe that our minds exist purely as a form of energy which is often referred to as our spirit or soul and like any form of energy it can never cease to exist, only change form and dimension. Through the media we present, we hope to offer Insight and Understanding to the world beyond our field of Vision.
We offer a wide range of services and information from general news, weather and entertainment to in-depth articles concentrating on particular subject matter within our remit. To the right you can see a list of our sites:

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