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Thursday, 26 January 2012
Cold Winters Caused by Warmer Summers!
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Scientists have offered up a convincing explanation for the harsh winters recently experienced in the Northern Hemisphere; increasing temperatures and melting ice in the Arctic regions creating more snowfall in the autumn months at lower latitudes.

Their findings may throw light on specific weather incidents such as the extremely harsh Florida winter of 2010 which ended up killing a host of tropical creatures, as well as the chaos-causing snow that fell on the UK in December 2010.

Full Story from sciencedaily.com

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Friday, 16 September 2011
Month a baby is born suggests what career they will have
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Being born in a certain month appears to indicate the statistical likelihood of what job a person will end up with, the study by the Office for National Statistics found.

 Researchers have uncovered that the month in which babies are born could also affect everything from intelligence to length of life.

 A child born December is more likely to become a dentist while someone whose birthday falls in January will tend to a debt collector, they found.

 A February birth appears to increase the chances of being an artist while March babies appear to go on to become pilots

 Meanwhile, April and May are said to have a fairly even spread of professions, births in the summer months mean a much lower chance of becoming a high-earning football player, doctor or dentist.

Full Story from telegraph.co.uk

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